Roger Huckabee

GIA Diamond Graduate, Master Jeweler

The art of jewelry making dates back thousands of years. At Medlars Jewel Masters, you will find artisans who combine the ancient art of fine jewelry making with modern day technology. Roger Huckabee is one of our Master Jewelers and has been with Medlars Jewel Masters since 1989. Although Holland was considered home, Roger lived in many exotic places all over the world. He utilizes his experience of many architectural and natural wonders that were just part of his youth that carried into his adult life.

When he started college in the US, he realized he liked art and sculpture. (He actually said that the teacher was hot, so he signed up for her class.) And, like most college students, he also needed to make some money. As luck would have it, a local jeweler asked him if he could sculpt a ring. To Roger, this was the same as making a miniature sculpture, PLUS he got paid for it. Each summer, he would work for the jeweler and learned the intricacies of making jewelry.

Now, in the world of computer aided design, Roger is able to deliver intricate, supremely difficult designs that before, could have taken months to create. Instead of hand drawn sketches, he’s able to create 3D virtual reality images for our customers to look at before we begin work. Finding a Master Jeweler who has a combination of an artistic and engineering mind is rare! Roger has both. Plus, he has a wonderful gift of understanding what a client wants and designing it to their vision. That is what makes him more than just a Master Jeweler and why our customers come back year after year.