Lili Dyer

Lili Dyer, GIA AJP Diamond Graduate, Jewelry Appraiser

When you think of jewelry you think sparkly. When Lili sees fine jewelry, she sees art. Our in-house appraiser, Lilian Dyer graduated from UTSA with a Fine Art degree and has always loved the art world. It was fate that she walked into Medlars several years ago to sell some jewelry pieces she had made. Her father, a sculptor, inspired her passion for art. And, to Lili, “Jewelry pieces are miniature sculptures.”

Lili started her career at Medlars in customer service. As she learned more about the industry, she became fascinated by the gemstones. Chapman encouraged her to pursue her curiosity, which led her to enroll in G.I.A (Gemological Institute of America) and become a Diamond Graduate, then a Pearl Graduate and soon will become a Graduate Gemologist. Becoming an appraiser has been an adventure. Starting off Chapman helped her appraise an estate containing hundreds of pieces of jewelry. She got to see and appraise a lifetimes’ collection of vintage Cartier and Vintage Nardi. Nardi was an Italian family of jewelers who made beautiful and unique pieces. Lili understands that more than anything else, a piece of jewelry carries a memory that can’t be valued or replaced. But it’s important to get your important jewelry appraised because an appraisal is the only way to provide financial protection. Pieces such as wedding rings, diamond jewelry, pearls and rare gemstone pieces are far easier to replace if you have an appraisal to work off.