Leanna Murphy

Leanna Murphy, Director of Digital Marketing, Gemological Institute of America Accredited Jewelry Professional

Leanna has been part of the Medlars Jewel Masters core since 1999. She came here in a very unorthodox manner, but if you know her, that is not surprising. It started with her husband, who used to date the daughter of one of our master jewelers, Roger Huckabee. When Michael and Leanna decided to get married he said that they had to have Roger make their rings. Even though she had not heard of Roger or Medlars Jewel Masters, she thought…why not? As luck would have it, after their wedding, Roger called Leanna asking if she would like to work at Medlars Jewel Masters. At the time, there were just four people working in the store and that included Chapman Stout, the owner of Medlars Jewel Masters.

Fast forward to today and there are 10. The growth hasn’t just been in employees either. It meant that the way things were done had to change. Think about how we shop and communicate today. Some of those methods didn’t even exist when Leanna started. She quickly became interested in the technological systems Medlars Jewel Masters was using and began to update them. She has evolved with modern technology and implementation of a superior customer experience.Utilizing her background in merchandising, Leanna started out on the sales floor and soon learned about diamonds, coins, bullion and designing custom jewelry. At the time, dot-com was beginning to boom, email was still new and there were only 2 computers in the store. As sales increased, a revision to inventory control and customer communication was necessary. Leanna quickly realized she had an aptitude for this. Twice, she has helped develop point of sales systems and now oversees e-commerce. Just as Medlars Jewel Masters needs to have the newest equipment to make jewelry, they must also have the newest systems to give their customers what they desire. Leanna has learned to adapt for each step of this process. As Carl Rogers said "The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change."

Now it’s evident that customers need an online visual experience. Leanna has always had an interest in photography and images are a must for any website. Medlars Jewel Masters sent her to the Brooks institute of photography in Santa Barbara for a jewelry photography class. It was a 2-day course where she learned the basics of macro photography. She came back and has been shooting and editing photographs ever since. At first, it was just product shots and now it has grown to include live models. Leanna creates virtually all of the photos you see on Medlars Jewel Masters website, Instagram, Facebook pages and in our newsletters. She is our go-to IT person addressing all the daily technical issues and research for what we will need next. Jewelry photography is so specialized that Leanna also taught herself to use complex Adobe software and understands the basics of programming code.

She is an integral part of designing and managing the Medlars Jewel Masters website. We know that the future is growing ever more mobile. Leanna will be the one who helps Medlars Jewel Masters keep up and continue to be at the forefront of customer service. Today you can research, find what you want and purchase everything straight from your phone. Creativity comes in all forms at Medlars Jewel Masters and we're lucky to have someone as talented as Leanna.

"Try to learn something about everything and everything about something." - Thomas Huxley