Chapman Stout

Chapman Stout, President Medlars Jewel Masters

Chapman Stout has the Midas touch. The San Antonio community has been the beneficiary of this touch of gold since he entered the jewelry scene in the city many years ago. Chapman met his wife, JoAnn, in Oregon. As he tells it, “I was a contract liquidator and she was selling radio spots. I ended up spending quite a bit of money buying airtime.” The two wed in Portland, and eventually moved to Austin where their daughter, Madison, was born in 1993. Their next career stop took them southbound to San Antonio, home of Medlars Jewel Masters. Medlars began as a small coin shop on Menger Plaza in the early 1970s. Medlars was the first store in San Antonio to offer gold and silver jewelry priced by the gram, and became the dominant coin and bullion dealer in the city. However, after Mr. Medlar’s death, the company began a slow decent ending in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapman took over Medlars Jewel Masters in 1996 with the vision of returning the company to its former status.

Fast forward to today, and Chapman has not only achieved his original vision, but has reinvented Medlars Jewel Masters as a state-of-the-art facility for jewelry restoration, custom design and creation and an exquisite showroom of fine jewelry. From bullion to diamonds, sapphires to rare gems, Medlars Jewel Masters offers the best the jewelry business has to offer. “The nice thing about jewelry and bullion,” Chapman explains “is that they are both discretionary, so a purchase is based on want, not need. If I just do what I say I’ll do and when I say I’ll do it, everyone’s happy.” This philosophy has earned the trust of thousands of satisfied Medlars Jewel Masters customers, as well as the reputation as one of the only precious metals dealers in the city to be recognized by the United States Mint.

As passionate as Chapman is about his customers and the opportunity to do what he calls “challenging and rewarding projects,” he’s even more passionate about his team. Each member offers a unique skill set essential to delivering an exceptional customer. “Very few San Antonio jewelers have a master jeweler on staff - Medlars Jewel Masters has two. Our Rolex-certified watchmaker is a second-generation, Swiss-trained specialist. Our fine jewelry restoration and custom jewelry design teams offer more than 100 years combined experience.” Under Chapman’s leadership, Medlars Jewel Masters expanded its offerings to local business organizations. Recognized entities including Alamo Title, San Antonio Missions and Alzheimer’s Association have enlisted Medlars Jewel Masters to create exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs for service awards, commemoration gifts and distinct showpieces. Every piece is designed and crafted in San Antonio. The team’s attention to exquisite detail is evident in every production.