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When To Re-size Your Loose Ring

It is important that your rings fit.  For example, when a ring is too loose, it can fall off your finger, putting your ring at risk of becoming lost. We make it easy to take action, preventing this from happening.  Whether you need a temporary spacer or actual sizing of your rings, Medlars has a solution.

One option is to make the ring smaller by cutting into it and subtracting a very small section of metal. This is the preferred method when fitting a ring that is too large. However, this may not be your first choice when fitting a ring to a smaller finger size, especially if your finger size is fluctuating due to weight loss, cold weather, or other reasons. In those situations, a temporary ring guard fitted to the inside of the ring is preferred. It only takes a couple of minutes to install and will cost you less than $10 at Medlars Jewelry. When you level out on your finger size, we would recommend having your rings actually cut and sized to the correct fit. 

What if the ring is a style that cannot be sized down? We have a solution for that too. We solder a horseshoe shaped stirrup inside the shank of the ring. The stirrup has tension that hugs your finger keeping the ring secure. The stirrup is something that can be removed if your finger size increases and it is no longer necessary. Whatever the reason your rings may be fitting loose, Medlars has a solution for you to keep your rings securely on your fingers.

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