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What It's Like To Attend The Tucson GemFair

What It's Like To Attend The Tucson GemFair
Personal Accounts From Medlars' Employee Attendance

"You can only describe it as massive and overwhelming! A gemstone lovers heaven!"
  - Lili Dyer

Vendors come from all over the world bringing beautiful, rare and exotic gems. The show takes over downtown Tucson and spreads out into tent cities along the highway. Motels are booked with rooms rented out as individual vendor showrooms and even a hangar at the Pima Air Base museum housed gemstone vendors this year.

The things you see at the gem fair run the gamut from mastodon tusks, gem roughs and giant geodes displayed in parking lots, to breathtakingly beautiful carved precious gems. Everywhere you go is floor to ceiling with gemstones for sale!

There were booths with so much jewelry piled in trays that you wonder if it’s even real. We saw vendors set up in gorgeous suites with very high-end jewelry and stacks upon stacks of gem trays filled with large emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other precisely faceted colored gems. And, we loved the tables covered in mounds of bounded hanks of pearls and every imaginable color of gem bead sparkling under the lights like delicious hard candy.

Lili attended the first half of the show:

She said, “I spent time talking with a vendor who sells rustic diamonds which are highly included specimens that come in various rich rustic colors of silver grays, yellows, and rusty oranges/reds. These diamonds are incredible for the color trend in bridal, which is flourishing. I think that we will see more of this in the future! I also went to the African goods market which was really interesting for art, giant amber beads and incredible bib necklaces”

Roger attended the latter half of the show:

He said “one of the most interesting gems I found was crystalline structure of thermally oxidized bismuth. It’s very geometrical and colorful. I have a sample at Medlars for anyone who wants to see it in person. I was excited to see jewelry ideas from different countries. One vendor from Bali, Indonesia had a very different approach to wearable art. It was very rustic, yet carefully constructed with quality materials”.

"Anyone who loves colorful gemstones should add this event to their bucket list"
 - Roger Huckabee

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