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What Is Jewelry Restoration?

What Is Jewelry Restoration?

You may hear a  jeweler say they can restore your jewelry to its original state, but what does that actually mean? Jewelry restoration is when someone brings in a piece of jewelry that has been extremely worn out over the years or that is critically damaged from accidents unforeseen, and has to be built on from its original piece. An example of a critically damaged item is dropping a ring into a garbage disposal (which is most common) or even running it over with your car.

Restoration can commonly get mistaken for a repair which is just a simple and straightforward fix. This can be retipping the top of your prongs or rebuilding a ring shank that has worn too thin or broken in half.

Here at Medlars, the most common restoration we work on is antique jewelry or family heirlooms. We work with what you have to preserve it back to its original state. Sometimes the jewelry can be so worn or smashed that it has to be completely remade which is then considered a custom design.


This broach came to us with only one section of the design left. We recreated the fan and added 4 sections to restore the broach to it's original design. If you look real close you can see the original fan piece on the right side of the broach.

This ring was cut off of a woman’s hand in the ER.

When Medlars began to repair it we discovered the ring had a great deal of porosity in the metal. Because of that, fixing the ring was not an option.

We duplicated the design and set her diamonds. The new ring appears bigger because it isn’t worn down and softened by the years of wear and tear the original ring had experienced.

This type of damage is commonly seen when someone has stepped on their ring or it was accidentally run over by a car. 

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