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Do you like old Hollywood stories? We sure do! One of our most recent repairs came to us via its’ current owner, but originally owned by Eddie Fisher, who was known for many things including his marriages to both Debbie Reynolds and Liz Taylor.

Since we can fix things that most other jewelers can't or won't, one of our long time customers, a collector of objects both rare and weird, asked if we could perform a minor repair to a gorgeous Colt Python 357 handgun, once owned by Eddie Fisher.  

This is not the first time Medlars has worked on something other than jewelry. It is, however, probably one of the most exciting because of its beauty and provenance. (Those of us with tabloid tastes might imagine it could be the very same gun Eddie pointed at Liz during the time when she was having an affair with Richard Burton!)

The engraving all over the gun is in excellent condition. The detail of the playing cards on one side and dice on the other is intricately done. We are honored to have the opportunity to work on such a collectable and beautiful item. Thanks again to the current owner for allowing us to work on, photograph and write about your Colt Python 357.  

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