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Synthetic Gems Are Gaining in Popularity
Synthetic gemstones are becoming widely popular especially with millennials. This is not only due to the cost benefits, but the guarantee of sustainability and social responsibility. These synthetic gems don’t have the imperfections and carbon that come with buying different levels of diamonds and gives buyers an alternative option when looking for a perfect stone. You may have even noticed more celebrities and young couples opting for synthetic gemstones. 

What’s The Difference?

Both natural and synthetic gemstones have the same active compounds, but their formation and binding agents are quite different. A natural gem is usually formed within the earth under tremendous pressure and heat over thousands of years and often brought to the surface through a volcano. A synthetic gem is manmade and produced in a controlled environment in a matter of days. Synthetics replicate the same chemical composition, crystal structure and properties as a natural, “genuine” gem.

Synthetic gemstones aren’t to be confused with imitation gemstones. An imitation is a gemstone imposter that is simply a colored piece of glass or material made to look like the real thing. Imitation gemstones share no chemical properties, structure, and no associated value. They are also less durable than natural or synthetic and have a greater chance of becoming damaged.

What About Price Comparison?

Here at Medlars, we are seeing the different trends and tastes for alternative gemstones. The innovation of customizing your jewelry to your style and price point has become our core value. 

Curious about your gemstone?  Feel free to bring it to our experts at Medlars.

2 Million Dollar Gemstone Bra

Valued at $2 million, the 2017 Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra was designed exclusively for Victoria’s Secret by world-renowned jeweler Mouawad. 

This Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Demi Bra is made of 18 karat gold and encrusted with diamonds, yellow sapphires, and blue topaz totaling more than 600 carats.  

Adorning garments with gold and gemstones has been practiced for centuries. Queen Elizabeth I was well known for her lavishly decorated gowns of gemstones and gold. The population of her court also adorned their garments with such luxuries. Upon her death the inventory of her wardrobe contained over 2000 gowns.  

Victoria’s Secret Angel Lais Ribeiro has been chosen to wear the Fantasy Bra in the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which airs Nov. 28 on CBS at 10/9C.

Jalisa Murray - Medlars Shop Foreman

Actually, she’s like Cher and just goes by Jalisa. She began her career in jewelry manufacturing right after High School. One day she stopped into a sterling silver manufacturing place in Boerne. They made charms and the owner was behind on an order. He asked if she wanted to help him finish. She thought, “Sure. I don’t have anything else going on.” And that is how it started! 

While in Boerne, Jalisa learned the ins and outs of manufacturing and also met Roger Huckabee, our Master Jeweler. Medlars was starting their own manufacturing arm so she decided to see if they needed help. She was hired on the spot and after about a year she was managing the operation and producing about 7,000 pieces per day. 

Some of the companies Medlars production arm did work for included Knotts Berry Farm, Busch Gardens, Opry Land, Fiesta Texas and more. It was huge, and lasted for several years. When Medlars decided to sell this part of their business, it was to someone in Utah and Jalisa didn’t want to move. So, Roger talked Chapman into hiring her to run the shop at the store. She’s been here ever since. So, good or bad, Jalisa credits Roger for being instrumental in her development.

Jalisa has been with Medlars since 1996. She says that, “When I first started on this bench, I thought it wasn’t going to work out. Then I thought ……. what am I going to do if this doesn’t work out! Lord only knows what Roger told Chapman I could do, and now I have to live up to that! Starting out, I would screw things up, but Roger had such a laid-back personality that we would figure out how to resolve it and then move on.”

Being shop foreman combines skills that require Jalisa to be good with her hands, have strong organizational skills and be able to communicate well with both the jewelers and the customers. It is her job to make sure that the work is done right and on time. She has learned patience and the need to be flexible. To Jalisa, the more deadlines, the better. It’s a challenge that she likes because when the job is finished, and the deadline is met, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment.

One of the great things about creating jewelry is that even after we are gone, it will still be around. Whether anyone knows you did it or not is not the point. It’s still something you created, and it still exists. And now, the industry is changing so fast. Medlars has already cornered the market on technology, but the youth is a lot different than they used to be and we need to gear some things toward them because that is the future. If you look around, you need unique and different reasons for customers to come in. 

To answer that need, Medlars jewelers will soon be producing their own lines and creating something called Mokume Gane. She says, “It’s not something that you see every day. It grabs people’s interest. It’s something that Medlars can make, and it is different. Roger is probably one of the best designers around. He’s very creative. This is also true for our other designers and our new direction opens the doors for them to do something refreshing. They get to express themselves in their designs and this gives them the excitement to put something out that they can say, Hey, that is my piece.”

So, we are very fortunate to have Jalisa as our shop foreman and hope that you will come by and say hi.

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Medlars Guarantees Our Work

At Medlars, we ensure enduring quality and satisfaction. 

We guarantee ALL of our work and materials to be free of defect for a period of two years from the date of purchase. We will replace or repair as necessary any defect at our cost. This includes all parts and labor. Our guarantee does not cover damage caused by abuse or accidents. 

We guarantee the silver, gold, or platinum purity of our jewelry, our custom design, and our restoration work. We further guarantee our stated weight and quality of the stones we supply.

Added Value Guarantee

Every finished ring (not just a simple solitaire but EVERY ring) purchased at Medlars includes Free Sizing, Free Appraisal for insurance purposes, plus Free lifetime cleaning, maintenance inspections, and polishing.  At Medlars your purchase is the beginning of a lifetime of our personal attention and care.

Return and Exchange Policy

  • If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your jewelry purchase, you may return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund or exchange (not just a store credit) .
  • Custom designed jewelry is not returnable.
  • You may trade in your undamaged diamond, purchased from Medlars, for any diamond at least twice the trade-in value of your diamond. The trade-in value is your full original purchase price excluding sales tax and any labor. Colored gems are not eligible for trade in.

Price Protection Guarantee

If within 90 days of your purchase, you find a diamond with the same specifications, graded by the same gemological laboratory, at a lower price in the United States, Medlars will match it and give you 10% of the difference.   

Here's how it works:   
  • Bring in the actual diamond with certification and sales receipt.
  • A competitor’s diamond certification must be from the same laboratory . The competing diamond must have the following matching characteristics:
  • Shape, weight, color, clarity, diameter, cut grade and fluorescence (if any).
  • Sales taxes are not included in the cost comparison.

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