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Medlars Spotlight On: Jane Norton

Medlars Spotlight on:
Jane Norton

Jane thinks it was serendipity that brought her to work at Medlars Jewelry.
After staying home with her daughter for many years, she needed a job, but wasn’t sure her skills were up to date. Previously, she was a graphic designer and knew her way around art, sculpture and design. She had no idea that these skills would translate to working at a jewelry store, but soon learned that her background in art was essential.

After being at Medlars for a while, what really caught her interest was the numismatic side of the business. Coins. Jane’s Bachelor of Fine Arts was in drawing and sculpture, and coins are sculptures created by an artist using sitting models. In fact, the Indian Head nickel, designed by sculptor  James Earle Fraser supposedly used three different models. One for the nose, one for the chin, and one for the hair.

Jane can tell you what your coins are worth, whether they are rare and many other details.
She does research on a daily basis and looks for things like; what kind of coin is it, the coin’s condition, and is it rare? The internet has a lot of misinformation and she can help you navigate your way through what has real value and what doesn’t. Because, while there are valuable coins out there, some coins are marketed as special but they really aren’t. Sometimes the packaging is designed to imply something is rare when it isn’t. So, don’t be afraid to ask about the value of your coins.
One of Jane’s favorite stories about coins.
It involves a woman who came into the store rolling a small, very heavy suitcase. It was full of 90% silver coins that the mint had stopped making after 1964. She told Jane that when she was a kid, her parents owned a washateria. On Saturdays before she could play, she and her sister had to go through the coins that were put in the machines and pick out the silver ones. She hated it, because she wanted to go outside to play. However, she thanked her folks when she found out how much those coins were worth, over 40 years later. She ended up bringing in three suitcases full.

Another memorable story comes from early in her jewelry career.
A young man came in. Tall and skinny, with magenta hair, destroyed jeans, lots of chains, piercings, lots of tattoos… he was, as she says, “a real colorful guy”. She asked if he needed help and he said that he wanted a custom engagement ring. He was a pretty easy customer because he knew exactly what he wanted it to look like. Jane learned that he had been in several jewelry stores that day and that Medlars was the first one where a salesperson had approached him. The other store operators wouldn’t even look at him. Medlars ended up making the ring he wanted and he, his family and friends have become great customers.

Medlars did not hire a salesperson but someone who can give the customers what they are looking for……. even if it’s as simple as just getting waited on.

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