Online Sales Tax
Are The Days of Tax Exempt Online Purchases Over?

On June 21st, 2018 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that states can collect sales tax from ALL internet sales. This has the potential of bringing 33 BILLION in annual sales tax revenue to our states.

Prior to this ruling, internet sales made by companies that had no physical presence in a state were sales tax exempt due to a prior Supreme Court ruling (Quill vs North Dakota, 1992). The basis of the Quill vs N. Dakota ruling being that if there was no direct connection (physical presence of some sort) between a company and a state, sales tax should not be collected. BUT the purchaser in the state is required to pay a “use” tax. Do you wonder how many purchasers sent their state the required “use tax”?

The result, of course, was the explosion of tax-free internet sales. The basis for the June 2018 decision was that economic reality had changed dramatically and states were suffering significant revenue losses.

In a majority opinion the court wrote:

“But the administrative costs of compliance, especially in the modern economy with its Internet technology, are largely unrelated to whether a company happens to have a physical presence in a state. For example, a business with one salesperson in each state must collect sales taxes in every jurisdiction in which goods are delivered; but a business with 500 salespersons in one central location and a website accessible in every state need not collect sales taxes on otherwise identical nationwide sales.”

The ruling really levels the playing field for traditional retail. In the case of San Antonio, assuming the Texas State Comptroller and legislature proceed as South Dakota, internet retailers will lose an 8.25% pricing edge.

How Will This Ruling Affect Medlars Jewelry?

Excluding loose diamonds, the majority of fine jewelry consumers have continued to shop brick and mortar. "Among the most popular reasons were not having to wait for product delivery and being able to see and touch the products before buying." (Instore, 3, A. B. (2018, July 03).

Medlars Jewelry caters to a memorable shopping experience and a lifetime relationship with our customers, therefore we don’t have the volume of online transactions as some of the less personal chain stores.

Introducing The Lunette Collection
Medlars Jewel Masters Original Designs

Roger Huckabee, Chief Designer

Combining a unique diamond cut from the historical 16th-century with modern custom jewelry design technology, Medlars Jewel Masters can offer these exclusive 14kt gold, one-quarter carat rose cut diamond rings for $349.

As with any Medlars Jewel Masters custom designed jewelry, these rings are fully customizable to express your distinct style.*

*Customization of this design may incure additional charges for different or additional stones and gold.

Boost Your Summer Style With These Natural Stone NecklacesGenuine Gemstone Bead Necklaces Under $150

10 Ways To Protect Your Jewelry When Traveling
Don't Spend Your Vacation Worrying About Your Jewelry

We love jewelry, that’s probably obvious! However, traveling with jewelry can be tricky, so we put together some suggestions that may help you plan for your next trip.

Think about whether it’s a good idea to take a piece of expensive or sentimental jew
elry with you on a trip.

  • Decide if the jewelry pieces you want to bring are actually necessary for your trip. It would be a shame to unnecessarily bring jewelry and lose it.
  • Minimize what you take to be versatile and go with a number of outfits.
  • Use a small paper plate and stick your earrings into it with the post on one side and the earring on the other. Fold the paper plate and secure with some staples. Or, you may want to put your jewelry in a pill box holder.
  • Put each necklace in its own jewelry pouch or plastic baggie with the end of the chain hanging out of the top….this keeps you from having to detangle your jewelry once you get to your destination. If you have good dexterity you can also run a chain through a straw to keep it from tangling.
  • When flying, wear as much as you can onto the plane but not so much that it sets off their alarms. We don’t recommend putting it in the TSA bowls because they have been known to tip over. Anything not being worn should be in your purse or carry-on luggage. NEVER put jewelry in a checked bag. We recommend keeping it in your purse because sometimes the airlines may require you to check your carry-on bag at boarding. If you have a lot of valuable pieces and are caught in a random search, ask for a private room.
  • Make a list of what you are taking. Take pictures and include descriptions. Maybe even email/text this information to a friend. Make 2 copies of the images/descriptions. Leave one at home and take another with you on the trip.
  • When you leave your room, ALWAYS store ALL jewelry not being worn in your room’s safe.
  • Pickpockets are a problem worldwide and target tourists. So, it’s best not to draw attention to yourself. Try to make sure that your clothing is not conspicuous. Avoid wearing large, expensive jewelry because it makes you a target. Try to blend in.
  • If your jewelry gets damaged or a stone comes loose, DO NOT continue to wear it. Use our suggestions to keep it in a safe place and have your own jeweler look at it when your trip is over.

Be mindful that you are in different surroundings and remember to take special care of your valuables.

The purpose of most vacations is to relax, so minimize the amount of valuables you take and enjoy your trip.

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