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Is The 1st Place Olympic Medal Pure Gold?

Is The 1st Place Olympic Medal Pure Gold?
Interesting Facts About the Modern Olympic Medals

  • The core composition for all three medals is .999 fine silver.
  • The gold and bronze metals are an overlay of gold and bronze on solid .999 fine silver.
  • The base weight of the gold and silver medals is over 20 troy ounces, the bronze, a little over 17 troy ounces. (1 troy ounce = 1.09714 avoirdupois ounces)
  • The gold metal plating is 1/5 ounce (6.2207 troy grams) of .999 fine gold.
  • The current melt value of a gold medal is around $575.00, the silver medal is around $320.00 and the bronze medal is around $270. (as of February 2018)
  • The 2018 PyeongChang medal designs were created  South Korean designer Lee Suk-Woo and feature a distinct Korean flavor.

We've come a long way from the early Olympic games where the victor of an event was awarded with a “victory wreath” made from olive trees.

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