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Gold Has a Direct Impact On World Economies

After watching the video below, the following important facts stood out to me about gold jewelry and its impact on the economy.  Gold creates opportunity and economic growth throughout the world.

  1. US gold jewelry demand rose 3%
  2. Gold demand rose 4% in Q4 2015 alone
  3. Of the 1,117 tons of gold used in a single quarter, jewelry made up 60% (671 tons) of that. This far exceeds the combined demand of the world’s central banks and buyers of coins and bars as an investment
  4. India and China now account for 51% of world gold jewelry demand
  5. Gold jewelry is estimated to add 70 BILLION dollars to world G.D.P.
  6. Gold jewelry is still largely manufactured by hand employing tens of thousands of goldsmiths world-wide.

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