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From Sketch to Finish: Things to Know When Custom Designing Your Own Jewelry

From Sketch to Finish
What to Know When Custom Designing Your Own Jewelry
Sometimes custom designed jewelry is the right way to go. Let’s say you’ve looked and looked and can’t find the jewelry of your dreams. Or, maybe you were lucky enough to have been gifted diamonds or jewelry that don’t quite fit your personality. It may be best to come up with your own design…. something you really want and that you will love forever.

Here’s where you begin:
Start by considering whether you like vintage, modern or traditional jewelry. Take time to consider your lifestyle to make sure that the jewelry will be functional as well as fashionable. Once you’ve completed these exercises, pour over jewelry images until you find consistent designs that you like—and dislike. Both are important!

Now you’re ready to get started:
Armed with images, likes and dislikes, diamonds and gems, you’re now ready to meet with one of our designers and start the creative process. It’s very important to view the designer as a tool whose sole purpose is to bring your vision to life. Being clear about your likes and dislikes speeds up the design process.  Also, if you’re designing a wedding set be sure to consider how you want the band to look too.

How long will it take?
Give yourself some wiggle room. The typical time for just the design process (with 2-4 revisions) is two weeks. Once the design is approved, it takes between 4 and 6 weeks to complete the finished piece. However, there are exceptions either way of the time schedule, but we would suggest that you start planning in October or early November for something you want delivered over the holidays.

Be comfortable with who you're working with.
Even though we take extreme care to show you what your design will look like before we make it, there is still a bit of a “leap of faith” you must take. Medlars has 5 designers and none are offended if a client asks to work with someone else. We know that sometimes a different designer is best suited to make our clients concept become a reality. 

What about cost?
A mass produced simple jewelry design that has no gemstones can be less expensive than a custom made piece of the same design. However, when you start adding diamonds or other gemstones the price difference narrows until it’s roughly the same. Plus, you would have control over the quality of gemstones used. If you’re using family gemstones a custom design will actually cost significantly less. Many times, people will want to save money on a design. We can help you with options but one mistake people make is wanting to substitute sterling silver for gold or platinum. While the cost of the metal is substantially less, keep in mind that all of the other charges (design, casting and gem setting) remain the same. It may not save you very much money in the long run. Plus, silver isn’t nearly as durable as gold or platinum and carries a much higher risk of losing gems.

So, whether you want to purchase jewelry that is already created or create something as unique as you are, we're here to help you.

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