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Don't Forget The Groom

Don't Forget The Groom

We know that brides are the focus at the wedding, but we would like to remind you not to forget the groom! They are very important to the success of a wedding, so we have come up with a list of things they might like. Let’s face it, the bride will be wearing a new dress, new shoes, new jewelry and get most of the attention, so most guys will be over-joyed at the fact that they were thought of too.

Here are a few of our favorites:

While planning your wedding:
Think about the groom’s favorite hobbies and how they can be woven into the ceremony. For example, if he likes to play golf, why not have the rehearsal dinner or wedding at a golf resort? People could sign up to play golf the day before the wedding and work out some of their wedding jitters. Top Golf would be a great option as well.

Maybe he’s a baseball kind of guy. Can you look at a date that falls the day after a game and have the rehearsal dinner at a baseball stadium? Same goes for any sport.

Not every guy is a sports enthusiast. If this is the case, just think about whether his hobbies can be woven into the event and go from there.
Day of the wedding:
Some great new places have popped up lately where your guy can get a great shave and trim. Places like The Good Barber where you can send the groom the morning of the wedding. Or, if you want to find some excellent shaving accessories, try The Art of Shaving.

If that isn’t his style, have a home cooked breakfast sent to his room so that he will not pass out during the ceremony. Lots of people forget to eat on this day.

Grooms gifts:
It’s customary for the bride to find a gift for the groom. Many of these gifts can be engraved! Here’s a list you may consider:

  • Personalized silver flask of whiskey
  • Personalized cigar cutter
  • Personalized cufflinks
  • Personalized money clip or business card holder
  • A watch
  • Luggage and/or travel case
  • Sentimental photo art
It’s a special day for everyone. Don’t forget the groom!

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