A Different Kind of Holiday

History shows that presidential election years create uncertainty with consumers. The more rancorous the more uncertainty. I think we'll all agree we've never seen an election as disruptive as this one was--and disruptive on a world-wide basis.

But now that it's over I can say that things look promising for a great holiday for retailers. My leading indicators? Phone and foot traffic bounced back starting mid September. Our custom work for Christmas also started in September, a full 6 weeks early. The number of designs we are producing is up over last year. Our customers are also increasing their use of our credit program and people don't borrow if they're fearful. Finally, sales generated from our web site are up. I'm hearing through our vendors that the improvement in sales is also true for other jewelers across the nation.

On a personal note, our family must change this season as well. My daughter Madison has moved to Dallas and is now working in management at Dillard’s. Like me, she's now in retail and no one gets time off during the holidays. Now we must face the holidays without one very important person. So, we asked ourselves what's in a date? Thanksgiving a week early? Christmas a few weeks late? We will make it work and it will be our form of the 12-days of Christmas.

So, merry Christmas to you all, happy holidays, and have a great New Year.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Join Us for an Evening of Gratitude and Celebration
December 7, 2016

Customers Clem and Elsie McGregor

Clem and Elsie came to us when they were celebrating two big events: Clem’s 100th birthday and their 74th wedding anniversary. We were honored to create Elsie’s new wedding band to reflect the style of Clem’s ring.

Their Story:
Clem and Elsie met in West Texas on the dance floor. Both loved dancing and their relationship blossomed. They married in January just after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Clem quipped that he would be honeymooning in Europe – alone.

After the war, the couple farmed for a number of years while raising 4 children. But, both Clem and Elsie are deeply religious and Clem felt the calling to bring Faith centers into areas of need. Over the years, they started two in California and one in Nevada.

After they had their sixth child, Elsie said enough and the family moved to Castle Hills. Clem was asked to serve again with a ministry focused on helping drug addicts. He was perfectly equipped for this new path because while they were in California, Clem made it a practice to visit prisoners regularly. Fearless, he found one town where there was no jailer. No problem! Clem just asked the local constable to simply lock him up with the prisoners until the officer was able to return.

Now he found himself visiting prisoners in San Antonio. His true calling was clear and he and Elsie started a full time ministry that focused solely on the incarcerated. Time for Christ ministry is still active today…. As both say, “we’ve retired from income but not spreading the word”.

Understanding Turquoise….One of December’s Birthstones

We like to think of turquoise as very mysterious. It’s been around forever and adorned everyone from Egyptian Kings to Native American Chiefs. Did you know that there was once a Persian turquoise trade route in the Middle East? How about the fact that many people believe it has healing qualities? And, American Indians carved arrowheads out of it to give their arrows a truer aim.

Turquoise is currently enjoying a renewed popularity not seen since the 70’s, so we thought it was appropriate to give you a little bit more information about this beautiful gem.
The value of turquoise depends upon where it was mined, its color and its luster. “Until recently, the world’s finest turquoise came from the Neyshabur (Nishapur) mines in Iran, which, per 12th-century writings, were opened by Isaac, son of Abraham. Some are still mined and still known as the Isaac mines. Turquoise became a major currency for the ancient Persians.” * Now, you will find more turquoise coming from North America and China. But, not all turquoise is the same.

Turquoise color can range from green to blue, depending on chemistry and porosity. The historical preference is for a pure, even and continuous robin’s egg blue color and a high luster. Persian and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise have these qualities and show little to no veining or webbing (matrix). This turquoise is the most sought after.

Our featured vendor, Kabana has a great selection of Sleeping Beauty turquoise. And, since this turquoise is becoming rarer since the mine has closed, you might want to invest in a piece now. Come in and look at our fantastic collection. Now classic enough for runways and beautiful enough to go with many outfits. Wear this cheerful stone and let the healing begin!


Precious Metal Quotes

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Medlars Guarantees Our Work

At Medlars, we ensure enduring quality and satisfaction. 

We guarantee ALL of our work and materials to be free of defect for a period of two years from the date of purchase. We will replace or repair as necessary any defect at our cost. This includes all parts and labor. Our guarantee does not cover damage caused by abuse or accidents. 

We guarantee the silver, gold, or platinum purity of our jewelry, our custom design, and our restoration work. We further guarantee our stated weight and quality of the stones we supply.

Added Value Guarantee

Every finished ring (not just a simple solitaire but EVERY ring) purchased at Medlars includes Free Sizing, Free Appraisal for insurance purposes, plus Free lifetime cleaning, maintenance inspections, and polishing.  At Medlars your purchase is the beginning of a lifetime of our personal attention and care.

Return and Exchange Policy

  • If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your jewelry purchase, you may return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund or exchange (not just a store credit) .
  • Custom designed jewelry is not returnable.
  • You may trade in your undamaged diamond, purchased from Medlars, for any diamond at least twice the trade-in value of your diamond. The trade-in value is your full original purchase price excluding sales tax and any labor. Colored gems are not eligible for trade in.

Price Protection Guarantee

If within 90 days of your purchase, you find a diamond with the same specifications, graded by the same gemological laboratory, at a lower price in the United States, Medlars will match it and give you 10% of the difference.   

Here's how it works:   
  • Bring in the actual diamond with certification and sales receipt.
  • A competitor’s diamond certification must be from the same laboratory . The competing diamond must have the following matching characteristics:
  • Shape, weight, color, clarity, diameter, cut grade and fluorescence (if any).
  • Sales taxes are not included in the cost comparison.

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