Giving Jewelry For Christmas
Personal Advise From Chapman's Wife, JoAnn

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like getting jewelry as a gift? It’s personal. It lasts forever. It gives you pleasure every day. Not your thing??? Are you sure we should be friends?

I’m supposed to be writing a sparkling story about giving jewelry as a gift. All I can think about is my own personal experience and how long it took to get an engagement ring! At one point, my mother said, “Well, he’s getting closer, at least it’s a ring.” 

In the beginning (when we were young and broke), Chapman saved up his pennies and gave me a diamond necklace. It was the most beautiful piece of jewelry I had ever seen. The shine! The sparkle. When he gave it to me, he said… “Don’t tell my mom.” because he didn’t want her to know how much he liked me. So, if you are looking for something that really says ….. I like you, but don’t tell my mom, I would suggest our “Circle of Love” diamond necklace.
The next Christmas, he moved on to my ears. Big bold jewelry was popular, so I received some fantastic hoop earrings. I could wear them every day and with any outfit. Going to work? No problem. Going out? Hoop earrings and diamond pendant. Thank goodness I had a birthday coming so I could wear something new. Big, bold hoop earrings are back! How about these triple hoops? Fun, right? 

Another Christmas and there it is. A ring box. It’s the right shape. It’s wrapped well (not by Chapman), and it’s got my name on it. I make a dive under the tree ripping the paper off like a Labrador retriever puppy tearing up the carpet. Hmmmm. Pearls and diamonds. Not quite right, but I didn’t give up on him because, let’s face it, pearls and diamonds make awesome gifts. What do you think about this one?

I spent the next year making sure that Chapman knew I would say yes if he happened to ask me to marry him. Subtle hints like…….. “you know I’ll say yes if you ask me to marry you, right?”

Christmas Eve comes and I can’t find ANYTHING that looks like a ring box. So, I take the big heavy one. It’s a box of books…….I kid you not! This man is not scoring points. One book after another and I get to the bottom. Hidden in the last book is a package with three diamonds. He tells me to pick one and apparently I have a good eye because I picked the most expensive one.

So, if you are hoping to get an engagement ring, come see us. I can give you instructions on subtlety and Chapman can help you find a ring. Click here to get started.

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Here's how it works:   
  • Bring in the actual diamond with certification and sales receipt.
  • A competitor’s diamond certification must be from the same laboratory . The competing diamond must have the following matching characteristics:
  • Shape, weight, color, clarity, diameter, cut grade and fluorescence (if any).
  • Sales taxes are not included in the cost comparison.

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