Medlars Jewel Masters is San Antonio’s premiere custom jeweler.
We create custom heirloom jewelry pieces that are
as individual as you.

For the first time ever, we are bringing Christmas to August with a special offer on custom design jewelry. You’ll receive a standard* CAD design and a 3D wax creation regularly priced at$425 for no charge.

Our design experts will help you determine your goals, find your style and
develop metal and gemstone options. You may choose to have us supply everything for your design or you can
re-purpose your old jewelry.

Create something for yourself or a loved
one and have it ready for Christmas!

*A standard design is 1hr of CAD and 1hr of 3D wax
creation. A 20% deposit is required when you approve your design.
We offer layaway for Christmas but must be paid in full by December 10th.
You may reduce the cost of your design by selling us your old scrap gold,
silver or platinum. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers.


Almost daily someone comes to us with a number of jewelry pieces and asks if they can be used to create something new and exciting. My guess is that many of us have a number of fine jewelry pieces - perhaps old styles, gifts or an inheritance that are sitting in a box, drawer or in a bank doing absolutely nothing. All of these pieces should be seen as cash and cash neither giving pleasure nor offering a financial return.

In today’s world it’s very easy to come up with design ideas. Simply search Google images, Pinterest or Instagram and you’ll see literally thousands of ideas. Modern traditional or vintage, you’ll open the largest jewelry catalogue ever. 

Once you’ve found a few designs you like, come to Medlars with both the ideas and the pieces you want to re-purpose. Together we’ll create something wonderful. We start with grouping and sizing the gems. Next, we assess the amount of gold and silver you have. Then we study the design(s) that you’d like to create with the goal of using what you have to create your new piece of jewelry.

Using patented CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, we create an image of what your piece will look like. Along with this, we include an estimate breakdown showing how much of your silver and gold we’ll need. It doesn’t matter whether you have one color of gold and want another. We will be using fresh pure metal alloyed to the color you want and use your metal to offset the cost. In about 4-6 weeks your re-purposed old jewelry is transformed into something new and gorgeous - the realization of your vision.  

How much can you save in this process? A minimum of $1900 per carat for small diamonds, $800 per carat for small precious gems, $25 per carat of semi-precious gems. $50 per gram of 14kt gold. The best part is that you now have an asset that’s giving you an emotional return on your investment.


Medlars Jewel Masters' Seneca collection combines genuine artifacts and hand made jewelry designs of the B.C. inspired era with craftsmanship and technology of the 21st century.

Left: Alexander The Great Genuine Ancient Coin Mounted in a Medlars Jewel Masters Original 18kt Gold Ring.

Throughout history, few names resonate like that of Alexander the Great ( July 356 B.C. - July 323 B.C.).


When you walk into Medlars there’s always one thing you can count on; Deborah is there to greet you. She’s our customer service powerhouse.

She came to Medlars after deciding to go back to work full-time. Having never worked in the jewelry industry before, Deborah was excited to learn about the world of Medlars.

Deborah has many responsibilities and has no problems multi-tasking. From taking in your jewelry repairs to answering questions about custom design she’s always there with a smile and eager to help.

One of her most important jobs is to make sure that the jewelry our customers leave to be repaired or appraised is secure. She’s like our very own traffic manager. Everything goes through Deborah from the front to the jewelers, appraiser and back to her before the items leave the store. She said, “I’m usually the first and last person the customer sees when they have work done here.”

Before working at Medlars, Deborah couldn’t tell you the difference between one diamond or another. “Chapman has been very patient teaching me. Even after 3 years I feel like there is still so much more to learn because every customer has a unique question or need."

Her favorite thing about Medlars is the process of the custom design. When a customer comes in and describes what they want, it is fun to see their expression when they receive the finished product. Seeing how happy they are is an exciting moment for Deborah.

Ask her what her favorite type of jewelry is (which may not be surprising after you see her), and its mixed metals. She loves the trio look of white, yellow and rose gold. She also loves sterling silver jewelry. Let’s face it, she just likes jewelry.

Health and family is very important to Deborah. So, if you don’t see her at Medlars, she’s probably running a 5k or hanging out with her two daughters at the beach. She loves the outdoors and has also played on a softball team for 20-years. Stop by Medlars and say hello to Deborah!


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