Mother's Day Annual Event
MAY 5, 2018

Understanding Cryptocurrency
Bitcoin Part One

From time to time we are asked if we accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. My reply is always the same, "I don’t deal in anything I don’t understand." However, since more and more legitimate national companies are accepting cryptocurrency I decided it was time to get a basic knowledge about how this new form of money works. I contacted my favorite crypto-geek, Ryan Pavlich and asked him for an introduction into this new world. What came about is a three-part information series with this being the first. Look for our second article where Ryan sits down with German Martinez, a bitcoin miner, and talks all things blockchain.

Introducing Diamond Lace
A Medlars Jewelry Original Design

Roger Huckabee, Chief Designer
Roger Huckabee shares his inspiration for this ring design

"This ring started with a concept based on the wing of an insect. I started with the center area and thought about how to dress it up from there. At that point my creativity took over as you can see, there is nothing resembling an insect in this design!"

It all started with one idea and blossomed into a unique piece of wearable art!

Win a 2 Carat Diamond
Valued at $30,000

Precious Metal Quotes

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Medlars Jewelry Is

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