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6 Tips to Avoid Having Your Diamond Switched: Protecting Your Diamond Investment

6 Tips to Avoid Having Your Diamond Switched
Protecting Your Diamond Investment

It’s the most important thing in the jewelry industry. Our clients leave valuable and treasured heirlooms with us because they trust that their pieces will be returned with the original diamonds and gems. 

While Rare, diamond switching does occur.

May 2016, reports broke that Kay Jewelers, a subsidiary of Signet Jewelers who also owns Jared’s, and Zale’s, was systematically swapping out diamonds for lower quality diamonds and simulants.

The idea of a company that size doesn’t have safeguards in place to prevent this from happening is shocking. At Medlars we have implemented safeguards at every step of the process.   

At Medlars, we inspect all diamonds at the customer service area at the point of take-in. We take magnified photos of larger diamonds, identifying individual characteristics and potential problems. We digitally monitor the entire shop 24/7. Our jewelers work side by side with our shop foreman in the middle. All work is assigned by the foreman to specific jewelers. All work is stored in a secure vault with only three people knowing the combination. Most importantly we do a thorough background check on anyone working here.  

What Can You Do  to safeguard your jewelry if you can’t drop by Medlars? Here are our recommendations:
  • LOCATION: Only go to a jeweler with a reputable on site repair facility.
  • CREDENTIALS: Look for affiliations like G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America), J.A. (Jewelers  of America) and A.G.S. (American Gemological Society) These affiliations require strict ethical practices.
  • IDENTIFICATION: If your diamond has a report number laser inscribed on the diamond’s girdle, have the jeweler locate and confirm the number and write it on your copy of the claim ticket.
  • MAPPING: If there is no inscription, have the jeweler examine the stone and point out at least 1 distinct identifying characteristic under magnification. When you pick up your jewelry, check it again under magnification.
  • MEASURE: Have the jeweler write the diameter of the stone on your claim ticket.
  • GUT FEELING: If you're uncomfortable and the store is unwilling or resistant to your requests, go somewhere else.

Switching stones infuriates me and every other honest jeweler (and I’ll bet that’s about 99.5% of us). If you follow the steps listed above, the chance of your stone being switched is close to zero.

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